What contributes to your most authentic musical expression and originality?

Most teaching styles focus primarily on the mental aspects of learning guitar, such as theory and technique. While these tools are certainly valuable for the guitarist, they are ruled by the head and provide only one dimension of musical expression, namely structure.
Where do inspiration, passion, creativity, artistic voice, and a deep sense of meaning in your music come from?
These are all sourced in the heart, the home of our deepest and most passionate possibilities of musical expression. Lessons are designed to help you tap into the source of your creativity and innate gifts and talents by gently inviting both heart and mind into your music. While teachings in theory and technique are available (and are often a helpful and realistic place to start), creative exploration along with the thoughtful support of your most authentic musical desires take precedence. If interested, introducing vocals along with guitar playing is encouraged; though it is in no way required or preferred.

In a lesson, you can choose to explore:

 Songwriting               Singing & playing

 Improvisation            Theory & technique

 Performance             Playing with others

 Musical creativity    And more!

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 Missed Lesson & Cancellation Policy
If you are unable to keep a scheduled lesson, please give 24 hour advanced notice to ensure that you will not be charged for the lesson.  If less than 24 hours is given, and we are unable to reschedule within the week, you will be expected to pay for the lesson.