Sam Sohmer began his musical career at age eleven, receiving statewide recognition as 1st chair trumpeter in his junior high school symphonic band, as well as 2nd chair in the ecclesial ensemble.  Moving into his teenage years, Sam’s taste began to shift, opening up new avenues of musical exploration.  Here he discovered the guitar and began experimenting with new styles, from guitarist in the high-school jazz ensemble, to performing shows as electric lead player with various bands.

At Collin College, Sam studied classical guitar with master player and acclaimed music professor, the late Sabine Madriguera.  Here he engaged with music theory and composition, translating his technical knowledge as a trumpet player into the world of guitar.  This was a potent time, as new dimensions of Sam’s musical landscape were developing, bringing him more into his authenticity as a guitarist and vocalist. In recent years, Sam began offering live, multi-instrumental musical accompaniment for yoga and improvisational dance classes. He now dedicates most of his time in music to the acoustic guitar as a singer-songwriter.

In addition to his musical pursuits, Sam earned a graduate degree in East-West Psychology from the California Institute of Integral Studies in San Francisco, CA where he explored indigenous/shamanic traditions, archetypal mythology, Eastern philosophy, spiritual counseling, and eco-therapy.  He is also currently training in a mind-body therapy modality called Hakomi, while working as a group leader for the Stepping Stones Project — a nature-based rites of passage organization for youth. Sam lives, loves, and plays in San Rafael, CA with his wife Olga, parents John and Janie, and newborn baby Julian Aster.

Sam offers a thoughtful approach to his teaching style, supporting the natural emergence of each student’s inherent musical gifts and creative expression.

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